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Our program (10 minutes and 23 seconds) features the modern premiere of the “Intrada” and “Trezza” by Johann Heinrich von Schmelzer (1623-1680) as well as the”Turkische Intrada” by William Brade (1516-1630), the “Intrada” from “Banchetto Musicali” by Johann Hermann Schein (1516-1630) and the In Nomine “CRYE” (cry) by Christopher Tye (1505-1573).

Johann Heinrich von Schmelzer was the Kapellmeister to Leopold I and a renowned violinist across Europe. Schmelzer is often regarded as the first composer to integrate the tunes of the Viennese street musicians into sophisticated instrumental court music. His “Intrada” and “Trezza” performed here were recently found among a set of Austrian pieces deposited at the Uppsala University in Sweden. This vast collection contains over 2,000 musical works in manuscript from the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries and was donated to the Uppsala University Library in 1732 by Anders von Duben. This broadcast is the modern clomid premiere of this work. September 2008 edition

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Our program “The Virtuous viola d’amore” (12 minutes and 19 seconds) features the Overture in 8 movements for two violas d’amore and harpsichord by Johann Caspar Ganspeck (1637-1741). The viola d’amore shares many features of the viol family – a flat back and intricately carved head at the top of the peg box but, unlike the viols, it is unfretted and played much like a violin, being held horizontally under the chin. It has seven bowed strings and seven resonator strings (which are not played directly but vibrate in sympathy with the notes played). Thanks largely to this sympathetic strings, the viola d’amore ahas a particulary seet and warm sound. Mozart’s father said the instrument sounded “especially charming in the stillness of the evening”.

This performance by Ars Antigua, directed by Jerry Fuller features violists d’amore William Bauer and Rachel Gries.

The Overture for 2 violas d’amore and harpsichord by Johann Caspar Ganspeck cipro dosage in 8 movements:

  • Overture
  • Presto
  • Passepied
  • Bouree
  • Menuet
  • Gavott
  • Hornpipe
  • Chaconne August 2008 edition

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Our program (11 minutes and 21 seconds) features a program of “Bawdy Songs and Fythel Tunes” including “Hit her on the Bum” by Robert Bremner (1713-1789) and “Watkins Ale”, an anonymous work from an English Broadside.

Robert Bremner was a Scottish violinist and composer who wrote sonatas and variations based on popular tunes xenical side effects of this day. Watkin’s Ale comes from an old English broadside, which was sort of a newspaper in its day. It is a cautionary tale for young women with a moral at the end.

This performance by Ars Antigua directed by Jerry Fuller, features Nancy Bristol, soprano.