What is a podcast?

A podcast is a way to deliver free audio files over the internet. You can listen to them on your computer, some cell phones, or sync them to a portable MP3 player like an iPod.

How do I subscribe?

If you use iTunes (works on both Macintosh and Windows computers), click below:

If you have a Zune, click below:

For all other subscription methods, click below:

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I’m not interested in subscribing. How do I just listen to the episodes?

Every episode has an audio player just below the title. You can:

  • press the play button and listen
  • click ‘Download’ and save the episode for later (you must click the play button to view the ‘Download’ link)
  • or to listen while you browse the Internet, you can right click on the link next to the play button, then:
  1. select ‘Open in New Window’ or ‘Open in New Tab’ if you’re viewing with Microsoft Internet Explorer
  2. select ‘Open Link in New Window’ or ‘Open Link in New Tab’ if you’re viewing with Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari
  3. select ‘Open Link in New Window’, ‘Open Link in New Tab’ or ‘Open Link in Incognito Window’ if you’re viewing in Google Chrome
  4. select ‘Open in New Tab’, ‘Open in Background Tab’, ‘Open in New Window’ or ‘Open in Background Window’ if you’re viewing in Opera

All of the above options are completely free!

Can you e-mail me episodes as they are published?

Yes! Just enter your e-mail into the form below. You’ll be sent an e-mail with the episode as they are published. We will never distribute your e-mail address, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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