January 13, 2007 – Audio

Ars Antigua focuses on historically-informed performances using period instruments. In today’s concert, we are shifting our focus just a bit to cross-culturally informed performances using indigenous instruments. We have crafted a program that consists of both western and oriental art music performed on Chinese pipa, along with the double bass, harp and violone from the western tradition. We are joined by two wonderful musicians from YoYo Ma’s Silk Road Project: Yang Wei and Da Xun Zhang. This concert is part of The Silk Road in Chicago celebration, a collaboration of The Art Institute of Chicago, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra and The Silk Road Project. We hope you find the performance engaging, challenging and enjoyable. Please join us in the Sanctuary after the concert, we would like to hear your thoughts about our cross-cultural adventure along the Silk Road.

Sonata in g minor Henry Eccles
· Largo
· Corrente

Rainbow Dance Chinese Traditional

Invention No. 6 Johann Sebastian Bach

Invention No. 11 Johann Sebastian Bach

Ancient Battlefield Chinese Traditional

New Year’s Eve Tian Hua Liu

Galloping Horses Hai-Huai Huan

Passicaglia Handel-Halvorsen

Bouree Georg Fredrick Handel

Mozart: K. 331 final – Rondo a la Turca